Overview The "Child" Element Table of

Specifies a child of an XML element.

The Child element describes a child element of an XML element, and how it is represented in the generated .Net class. You should include one Child element for each child element of the element in your target XML structure.

The Child element does not completely describe an XML element; every Child element is expected to have a corresponding "Element" element elsewhere in the input file. The Child element describes how the Child is used within a particular parent element.

Note: an "Element" element may not contain "Child" elements if it contains a "Content" element, and vice versa.

Parent Elements

Definedefines a macro
ElementDescribes an XML element and the .Net class that models it.

Child Elements

NameHow ManyDescription
Description0 to 1A detailed description of the child element. HTML markup may be used.
DTD0 to 1A DTD fragment. This is for documentational purposes only; it does not affect the generated .Net code.
Editor0 to 1Contains directives for the XML Chameleon editor.
Summary0 to 1A short summary description of the child element. HTML markup may be used.
Type0 to 1Describes the data type of the element.


clone : enum (DefaultableBoolean)optional; default = "Default"
Specifies whether to generate code to clone this child in its parent element's DeepClone method. If set to "default" (the default), the child will be cloned only if its Type.Kind is 'object' or 'list'.

default : stringoptional
Specifies the default (initial) value for the property.

id : stringoptional
An optional unique id. Defaults to the same as xmlName. Use this when there are multiple elements with the same name.

max : integeroptional; default = "32767"
The maximum number of instances of this child.

min : integeroptional; default = "0"
The minimum number of instances of this child.

propName : stringoptional
The name of the .Net property corresponding to this child. If propName is omitted, .Net code will not be generated for this child element.

varName : stringoptional
The name of the .Net variable corresponding to this child. If varName is not specified, it defaults to "_" (underscore) followed by propName.

xmlName : stringrequired
The XML name of the child Element as it appears in the XML file.

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