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Attribute - Describes an attribute of an XML element.
AttrValue - Specifies that the value of an attribute is to be displayed as part of its element.
Child - Specifies a child of an XML element.
ChildValue - Specifies child element data that is to be displayed as part of an element.
Content - Specifies how the content of an element it is represented in the .Net class.
ContentValue - Specifies that the element's content is to be displayed as part of the element.
Define - defines a macro
Editor - Contains information for the XML Chameleon editor. This information is not used by XmlCodGen.
Element - Describes an XML element and the .Net class that models it.
ElementName - Specifies that the element name is to be displayed.
Enum - Defines a discrete set of values that are used in one or more attributes, contents, or child elements, and correponding .Net enumeration.
Insert - Inserts the contents of a previously defined macro.
Literal - Specifies literal text to be displayed.
Specification - The top-level element in the input file that encloses all other elements.
Tree - Specifies how elements are to be displayed in the element tree.
Type - Specifies how an XML attribute or child element is mapped to a .Net property.
Value - Defines one value of an Enum.

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